TargetSignals: Institutional Opportunities for Retail Investors

Target Signals’s vision is to become the first global market place for all people to invest and manage their funds in a simple and transparent way.

We’re committed to maintain the world’s largest and most trusted investment network, designed to financially empower individual investors through a simple, innovative trading platform and an active social trading community.

Our mission is to deliver fund management services of the highest quality with our unique binary options based investment approach, performance excellence and exemplary client service. To seek out superior returns through active asset allocation coupled with prudent risk management processes and necessary diversification. In order to achieve this, we strive for breakthroughs in research and comprehending new and innovative instruments to advance our knowledge frontiers and fuel us towards providing sustainable value. All in all, to create a brighter financial future for all clients who place their trust in us

In today’s highly competitive financial arena, investors are choosing to entrust their assets to companies with clearly defined identities as well as possessing a strong conviction in what they do and how they go about getting it done. Thus, businesses that adhere to a good set of values are being increasingly sought after. At TargetSignals, Commitment, Global Mindset and Integrity are our core values and central to what we are as a company. These values guide our daily decisions and permeates our global operations. Wherever we may conduct business, our core values aids us in realizing our mission.

We are fiercely committed to our clients, putting their interest first in every single decision that we undertake. We do not take our client’s trust for granted and even as we perform, we do not remain in status quo. We are dedicated to continuously streamlining our research, strategies, processes and tools to scale even greater heights. Our own assets are invested alongside our clients to ensure the goals and interests of shareholders, employees and clients alike, are in full alignment.

This same commitment to clients also extends to all our employees – the backbone of our organization. We take pride in creating a stimulating and rewarding environment that celebrates initiative, accountability and inclusion and in doing so, empowers our staff to reach their utmost potential both professionally and personally.

Global Mindset
Poised for greatness, we take on a global mentality as we grow our people, markets and business in a fashion that is uninhibited by boundaries. Stemming from the belief that all individuals are unique and equal, we advocate an inclusive workplace where people of different backgrounds, perspectives, competencies and experience can form a talent pool of diverse intellectual capital that best positions to company to take on international challenges. Stewardship is also deeply rooted in our employees with many opportunities to develop leadership capabilities on a global playing field and to meet the needs of our growing clientele base under all business climates and culture.
Integrity is a cornerstone of TargetSignals’s culture and is manifested in honesty, mutual respect and trustworthiness in all aspects of business. To remain fair and ethical even in the toughest of situations and maintain unfaltering professional demeanor with the highest code of ethics in the light of critical business decisions. We are devoted to being transparent to our clients and we regard such integrity as a commitment to honor the trust clients placed upon is. We understand that maintaining this trust is vital to our success and we make great effort to be timely and detailed in open communication with our investors, thus creating long term relationships built on solid foundations of being responsive and always relevant.