ARDAS™ Technology

Numerous asset management companies exist in the market today, each vying for the attention of the investor. However, savvy investors would know better that not all companies are created equal and it is only wise to invest in time tested proven systems that offers great value and tangible growth. TargetSignals stands in the limelight with our ARDAS™ fund, the industry’s first fully specialized managed options fund.

Using our proprietary system of the same name – the A.R.D.A.S technology (Authenticated Repetitive Dynamic Algorithmic System) with its autonomous adaptability is able to evolve and keep abreast to the infinitely dynamic market conditions. This probabilistic system is able to internalize the inter-relationship of the assets in subject and together with high frequency pattern recognition, take advantage of their misaligned values and subsequently capitalize through binary options. Together with the best talents around the world managing these systems and portfolios, TargetSignals is clearly your evident choice for wise investors seeking alpha returns.